Lakemont Ridge Computer Group

Lakemont Ridge Home & RV Park
  2000 Maine Street
Frostproof, FL 33843

Meets every Wednesday
Lakemont Ridge Recreation Hall 10:00 a.m.
December - March
Changes or updates to DrG or tell Larry Hills.

Lakemont Ridge Activity Calendars
Requires Adobe Reader

November-2006 — December-2006 — January-2007 — February-2007 — March-2007

November-2007 — December-2007 — January-2008 — February-2008 — March-2008

November-2008 — December-2008 — January-2009 — February-2009 — March-2009

Date         Topic
12/13/2006 Where is everyone? Leaders needed for
Digital Imaging & Photography
12/20/2006 Charlie says we will start on January 3rd
SIG Group Leaders needed for 2006-2007
But we will still meet to set up calendar and volunteers for meetings.
12/27/2006 New Club House - Computers now located at North West Entryway
SIG's will meet monthly under volunteer SIG Leaders
SIG Group Leaders needed for 2006-2007
Let an officer know if can help with a SIG (Special Interest Groups)
      & can volunteer to help with monthly SIG Topics.

Every Meeting Except special SIG Meeting Days there will be a hands on
"How to use the Internet" after each meeting.
How to get on the Internet or Email Basics.
Just ask at the begining of any meeting and a member will
will get you one the internet after the meeting.
Between meetings most members would be glad to show you the basics.
Just ask a group member and set up a time with them.

01/03/2007 Name Badges, First meeting, Volunteers,
computer problems & Hall Computer Setup
To Be Announced
01/17/2007 TBA
01/24/2007 TBA
01/31/2007 TBA - SIG Genealogy on the Internet
02/07/2007 TBA - VISTA
02/14/2007 TBA
02/21/2007 TBA - SIG HTML & Websites (DrG)
02/28/2007 TBA/ 2007-2007 Season
03/07/2007 TBA
03/14/2007 computer problems
03/21/2007 computer problems
03/28/2007 computer problems

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Date         Topic
12/07/2005 Where is everyone?
12/14/2005 Elections & WiFi Basics
12/21/2005 Name badges, computer problems
12/28/2005 Computer Topics, problems, WiFi Updates
01/04/2006 computer problems, Hall Computer Setup
Party Time! Charlie's Away
Meet at the computers.
Chairman Hills will tell you about our webpage
01/18/2006 computer problems - Maybe DSL will be installed
01/25/2006 computer problems - No meeting due to program.
02/01/2006 computer problems - No DSL or WiFi this season.
02/08/2006 computer problems - Recall Email
02/15/2006 computer problems - Free Lessons
02/22/2006 computer problems - Free Lessons
03/01/2006 computer problems - Restore / 2006-2007 Season
03/08/2006 computer problems - Computer Group will not support park owned computers
SIG's for 2006-2007 Approved
1 — Genealogy SIG
2 — Digital Images/Photography SIG
3 — Websites/HTML SIG
SIG's will meet monthly under volunteer SIG Leaders
SIG Group Leaders needed for 2006-2007
Let an officer know if you are interested in a SIG
      & can volunteer to be a monthly SIG Leader
03/15/2006 computer problems – Suggestions for SIG Links?
03/22/2006 computer problems
03/29/2006 computer problems

SIG Group Leaders needed for 2006-2007
Let an officer know if you are interested in a SIG
      & can volunteer to be a monthly SIG Leader

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Group Officers for 2008-2009

President Larry Hills
Vice Chairman William E. Gleason
Secretary Doni Sampson

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Special Interest Group Volunteers

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2008-2009 Group Members

Let us know by Email to add or delete your name.

Name & Lot E-Mail Website/Homepage
Jo Bathe  
Jim Boggs  
Sue Born—summer    
Sue Born—winter
Sandy Bice  
Don Brensinger  
Pamela A. Brown  
Dick Caryer  
Nancy Davison  
Cindy Dobson  
George Geeslin   
William E. Gleason   
Linda Grace  
Donald Gradeless #154
Carolyn Gillum       gildencar@aol.comt  
Larry Hills  
Linda Hardy  
Erma Lanham  
Sandy Levine  
Don Leazer  
Ken & Jan Lickly #160    
Marie Packert  
Charles P. Peritore  
David L. Pletcher  
Warren Pope   
Marge Rounsville
Doni Sampson   
Margaret Smith   
Betty Steele   
Priscilla Saucier   
Shirley Shaw   
Beecher Vaughn   
—→ Add/Change your Name & Email ←—

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If you can help answer Computer Questions Let the Webmaster Know

Questions can be sent to DrG or ask DrG at 1752 Canada Court - Lot 154
Or to
----- ----- -----

----- ----- -----

Local Access Numbers
These numbers seem to work for multiple
ISP's with National Access

Lake Wales, FL     863-232-4022
Lake Wales, FL   863 232-4056
Lake Wales, FL     863 232-4496
Lake Wales, FL     863 232-4283
Lake Wales, FL     863 679-9638
Lake Wales, FL     863 455-0005
Lake Wales, FL (CS)     863-679-8306
Lake Wales, FL AOLnet863-232-4265
Lake Wales, FL AOLnet863-455-0038
Lakeland, FL     863-808-4020
Winter Haven, FL    863-877-4022
AOL Nationwide 800 (Surcharges Applies)    800-716-0023

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Updating Windows XP
You can make sure your computer function optimally by performing regular maintenance.
Keeping your software up to date is the first and most important step in keeping your 
computer healthy. Operating system developers have continued to make the process of
updating your software easier over the last few years, making it a simple task to 
update Windows.

Updating Windows

Windows and the core utilities that come with it are the most important factors
in the performance and reliability of your computer. You can update your Windows 
system software by visiting

    1. Select Product Updates

    2. The first updates that to be installed are the Critical Updates. 
       These updates fix security holes and vulnerabilities and may require a 
       reboot after they have been installed.

       - Check back often to make sure that you are current on all the 
         Critical Updates, as they are released frequently.

       - Windows ME/2000/XP users have the option of making Critical Updates 
         automatic in the Control Panel found in the Start Menu (sometimes 
         found under the Settings submenu). Once in the Control Panel, 
         open Automatic Updates and turn on automatic updating.

       - If you are using Windows XP and do not see Automatic Updates in the 
         Control Panel, click "Switch to Classic View" on the left to change
         the view.

    3. Next on the Windows Update list are Optional Windows Update and Driver
       Updates. Keeping on top of these updates is a good habit. Windows XP
       will not automatically install these updates so you must visit the 
       Windows Update website to install them.

    4. If you are a user of Microsoft Office your must visit that update site as well:"

    5. Updates to most other programs can usually be found on the software 
       manufacturer's website.

Regular Hard Drive Maintenance
Disk Cleanup and Defragmentation
        Click the Icon      Start (in lower left corner of your screen) 
       		select             All Programs
       		select             Accessories
       		select             System Tools
       		select             Disk Cleanup
       After you are finished the Cleanup (follow the same steps above):
       		select             Disk Defragmenter
       I have moved both icons to my regular desktop and perform those
       regularly to keep my machine operating optimally.

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Recommended Multimedia Tools

RealPlayer: Video requires software available from the Real download site.

Flash: Latest players are available from Macromedia's Web site.

PDF Files: Latest versions available from Adobe's Web site.

Quicktime: Latest versions available from Adobe's Web site.

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DrG's Make Your Own Web page Directions

The Kim Kommando© Show

Kim Kommando© Shareware Picks

DrG's Homepage & Links

                    DrG's Computer Links

Get Firefox 1.5 Web Browser

        Get HTMLValidator (For Websites in HTML)

Get Thunderbird Email

        Get Ad-Aware SE Free


        Get Microsoft Windows/Office Updates

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Hand & Foot - Rules of the Game
as played at Lakemont Ridge

Hand & Foot Score Sheets
(Reguires Adobe Reader)

Cards Anyone?
US Playing Card

Rules         Bid Euchre
Duplicate Bridge
Hand and Foot
Indiana Double Deck Bid Euchre
Double Deck Pinochle
Gin Rummy
Forms         Hand and Foot Score Sheets
2 Table Progressive Tallies for Bid Euchre
3 Table Progressive Tallies for Bid Euchre
Someone not very mobile? Try Tallies where one player never moves:
2 Table Special Tallies for Bid Euchre
3 Table Special Tallies for Bid Euchre
More tallies
(Most Forms Will Require Adobe Reader)

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Suggestions for Card Rules or forms?

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Rules for other Games



Chicken Foot

Dominoes - (All Fives)
Plaza Rules - Pagat Rules - Purmeo Rules

Mexican Train

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— [Coming Here Soon Maybe] —
Corrections / Additions / Changes to the
2006 Lakemont Ridge Park Directory
[Click Here Soon]

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This is not the site for the Lakemont Ridge Home & RV Park
It is intended for the Computer Group Members.

No endorsement by Lakemont Ridge should be implied.
Material presented here is for the use of Group Members

(Unofficial Copy of the Rules & Regulations)


We ask that you please read these rules, as they will be strictly enforced!

Management has taken all reasonable means to ensure that your residency here will be safe, pleasant and enjoyable. This property is privately owned, and management is obligate to abide by all laws, Federal, State and local, or to certain regulation of administrative bodies of the government. Many of the following rules and regulations are required by law, and others are for your safety, health, and welfare, as well as for the protection of the property rights of management. Consideration and courtesy to others together with your cooperation in maintaining your unit will help sustain the standards of Lakement Ridge Home & RV Park. Therefore, the following rules and regulations are for your guidance and observances.


  1. Anyone not complying with park rules after notice given by management will be given legal notice to vacate the park.

  2. All rents are due on the 1st of the month. After 10 days there will be a late charge of $25.00 added to your account.

  3. All prospective home buyers must be approved by management before the sale. You must qualify to lease a lot in order to own a home in the park.

  4. There is a speed limit in the park of 10 MPH. This speed limit must be observed by all vehicles traveling in the park.

  5. It is important that we respect out neighbor's privacy and property. Disturbing noises are not allowed at any time. Quiet time is required between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am. Televisions, radios, and stereos must be kept low at all times. No alcoholic beverages shall be consumed outside the units. Disorderly conduct, intoxication, and profane language will not be tolerated. Any persons causing a disturbance or being a nuisance may be required to vacate the park.

  6. No peddling, solicitations, or commercial enterprises shall be allowed in the park unless deemed by management to be a worth cause or unless permitted by Florida Statue 723.054(3).

  7. Pets are a privilege we allow in our park. Our dog regulations are on a separate sheet as the back of this booklet. Feeding and watering of stray animals is strictly prohibited.

  8. The sewage treatment plant is operated by management, and its proper operation is important to all residents. The plant will not operate properly if cigarette butts, sanitary napkins, paper towels and napkins, candy wrappers, fruit or other bulky items such as plastic wrappers are thrown in toilets. This means in your own unit as well as the public restroom's. The unit owner is responsible for the maintenance of the water and sewer lines from the ground up.

  9. All guests of resident shall comply with all rules and regulations of the park. The host resident shall be responsible for any breach of the rules and regulation by a guest. Additionally, the host resident shall be responsible for any and all damages caused by his guest and any fees secured during his guests stay at the park. The host resident must accompany any visitor to the recreational facilities. No one under the age of eighteen may use any park facilities without the resident host's supervision. This included the riding of bicycle on the streets in the park. Guests are welcome, as long as they abide by the park rules, and their resident host is presently in the park.

  10. There is no smoking in any of the park's buildings. Smokers must extinguish and properly dispose of all cigarette butts. Please do not throw the cigarette butts on the ground.

  11. No fence of any type shall be allowed on the lot. There shall be no outdoor clotheslines except one umbrella type clothesline, whose location is approved by management. There shall be no burning allowed on any lot.

  12. Use caution when at the swimming pool; there is no lifeguard on duty. No guests or children of guests are allowed at the pool without the resident host's supervision. All residents and their guests use these facilities at their own risk.

  13. The park reserves a right-of-way five feet wide strip bordering all streets on which nothing can be planted or built.

  14. Repairing of motor vehicles in the park is prohibited except for minor repairs such as tire change, battery replacement, fan belt or water hose replacement. You must take care of removal of all tires, batteries, etc. to a proper disposal place. They must not be placed in or around the dumpsters. You may change your oil in the storage area if you provide a proper container for used oil and dispose of it in the proper manner. Most auto parts stores will accept used oil.

  15. No signs except name signs and street addresses or lot number shall be placed, erected or displayed on any lot unless having to do with a park function. A 'for sale" sign may be placed inside a window or your unit if it is for sale, and notice of units for sale may be placed ion the board in the office. No "for rent", "for hire", or "wanted" signs are allowed, and no signs offering to perform any service or to sell any product shall be displayed anywhere in the park.

  16. No garage, porch, yard or similar sales shall be conducted in the park other than the park's annual garage sale hosted by the activities committee.

  17. All units must be kept clean and free of mold and mildew. All tools, mowers, ladders and similar items shall be stored in the home in an approved storage shed. Storage of any kind is prohibited in any exposed area on your lot.

  18. Prior to any approved construction, resident must secure necessary permits and must comply with all government regulations. A properly licensed and insured Polk County contractor must be approved by management for all construction and maintenance.

  19. Residents are required to conserve water. Watering of lawns shall be conduct only as per posted rules. Automobiles and RVs may be washed on your lot as long as shut off nozzles are used.

  20. Managements reserved the right of access on any lot for the purpose of inspection and/or maintenance. All lots shall be properly maintained by the resident. This shall include an obligation to keep the exterior of all units in a clean and mildew-free condition, to properly keep the roofs, gutters, down spouts, shrubs, grass, walkways, and any other landscaping and any other exterior improvements trim and neat in appearance. In the event resident shall fail to maintain the exterior of his lot or unit in accordance with the above, then after ten days notice to the resident, the park manager shall have the ability to come upon the leased premises and perform such maintenance as required. Management shall then charge the tenant wit the cost of said maintenance. For the purpose of performing the exterior maintenance authorized by this rule management shall have the right to enter upon any lot or exterior of any unit at any reasonable time provided the manager shall not in the performance of these functions unreasonably interfere with the unit owner's enjoyment of the lot and the manager shall not thereby be deemed guilty of trespassing for such entry.

  21. Residents who leave the park for the summer or for vacation will be held responsible for the condition of their unit and their lot while they are gone.

Management understands that these rules and regulations may not cover all situations that may occur within our park but hopes that common sense will be used by all residents.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our rules and regulations.

No endorsement by the management of Lakemont Ridge should be implied.

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Lakemont Ridge Park Council 2007

PresidentEarl Colesgrove
Vice PresidentGene Ormsby
1st Vice PresidentMarilyn Taylor
Treasurer Reva Daugherty
SecretaryJean Weaver

Street/Area                 Council Member      Alternate
ArizonaJean WeaverGloria Baker
Canada Ct.Diane Peck Carolyn Wisely
Illinois St.Bob Wheelon Larry Hills
Indiana/New JerseyEleanor Steen Jean Ferko
IowaMarilyn TaylorCharles Donelson
Maine Ave & St.Gene OrmsbyJoyce Schrader
Maine Ct.Lois GressAnnie Williams
Michigan Ct.Sharlene Luhta Helen Burch
New YorkDenny Armstrong Richard Miller
Ohio Ave & Ct.Reva DaughteryAnita Looney
Pennsylvania Ct.Pat SmithvBarbara West
Tennessee Charlie ColegroveBill Gleason
Georgia St. #533--547
Minnesota St. #534--548
Utah St. #332--340
Fred Witchell JoAnn Bone #534
Georgia St. #518--532
Wyoming Street #502--531
John Bathe Sharon Marshall
Montana St. 702--722
New Mexico St. 701-721      
Byron Mullens #715     Ginger Clough #701

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Local Merchants/Links of Interest

Citizens Bank of Frostproof
Post Office Box 7 — 2 East Wall Street
Frostproof — (863) 241-5558
ATM Locations:
14 South Scenic Highway, Frostproof, Florida
1838 State Road 60 East, Lake Wales, Florida
36250 Highway 27, Haines City, Florida
Heart of Florida Hospital, Haines City, Florida

Florida Hospital — Sebring, Lake Placid, Wachula

Frostproof Chambers of CommerceMembers

Heartland Home Health Service
Phone 863-385-1400 Fax 863-386-6347
4005 Sun N. Lakes Blvd., Sebring, FL 33872

Hotel Jacaranda
Dining Room

19 East Main Street
Avon Park, FL 33825
(863) 453-2211

JJ's Car Washing & Detailing
Visits Lakemont Ridge on Wednesday's
Frostproof — (863) 241-5558

Polk County Offices
Polk County Property Appraiser
Polk County Sheriff's Office
Polk County Tax Collector

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